Build Progress
210 Eagle View Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725
Lot 37R (consolidation of lots 37 and 38)

21 February, view from former lot 37 facing southwest across former lot 38

15 Jun "groundbreaking" ceremony

6 July excavation,
from NE corner facing south

  11 July, from driveway/curb facing SE

  11 July, facing east

25 August, facing south

11 September, from curb facing SE

25 August, facing east

11 September, facing SW

11 September, facing west

11 September, facing east


11 September, facing south

22 September, facing west


11 September, facing north

22 September, facing south

2 Oct, facing SE

lumber package

22 September, facing north

2 October, facing south

walkout framing

  10 October, facing SW

  10 October, facing NNW

5 October, facing south

10 October, facing WSW

5 Oct, facing NNE

19 October, facing SSE

(no higher resolution)

19 October, facing ESE

(no higher resolution)

19 October, facing north

(no higher resolution)

6 Nov, facing south

6 Nov, facing ENE

6 Nov, bed 3, facing NNW

6 Nov, bed 2, facing SW (mid-morning)

(view in early morning)

6 Nov, from garage, facing SW

6 Nov, living, facing SW

6 Nov, dining, facing SW

6 Nov, nook, facing SE

Bonus view of Mt Guyot

6 Nov, nook, facing SW

store, closet, bed, bath, facing SSE
(20 Nov report)

walkout stairway, mech, facing SW
(20 Nov report)

walkout nook windows facing SW

Detailed images from 6 Nov visit and 20 Nov report

NE garage window facing SW
(5 Dec vendor)

nook and hall doors, living windows, facing NW
(5 Dec vendor)

living room windows facing SW
(5 Dec vendor)

main door staged in garage facing SW
(5 Dec vendor)

main door, bed3 window facing NE
(8 Jan builder)

windows staged in garage facing SSW
(5 Dec vendor)
24 Feb facing east

24 Feb facing NNE

24 Feb facing south

23 Feb, nook, facing SE

Mt Guyot
23 Feb, nook, facing SW

Bluff Mtn
24 Feb, veranda, facing SE

Details from 23-24 Feb visit
Details from 24-31 Mar visit
Details 9 May