210 Eagle View Dr, Build
Detailed progress, discrepancies, changes, 6 Nov visit and 20 Nov report

SW wall facing ENE

NW wall facing SE
zero threshold, bed#2 & laundry windows

NW and NE walls facing S
zero threshold entries, windows, doors

NE wall facing SW
zero threshold entry, doors, window

SE wall facing SW
zero threshold entry, deck

SE wall facing NE
zero threshold entry, deck, patio

garage facing SE
zero threshold entries, windows, doors

laundry facing NW

main entry facing NW
zero threshold, door

bed #3 facing NW

bed #3 facing NE

guest bath facing NW

bed #2 facing NW
(image from 20 Nov report)

bed #2 facing SW

bed #2 attic facing NE
(image from 20 Nov report)

bed2 door, hall to garage facing NE

porch facing SE

living, dining, kitchen, facing SE
(image from 20 Nov report)

dining, kitchen, hall, bed #3 facing NW
(image from 20 Nov report)

living facing SW

dining facing SW

kitchen, nook, facing SSW

kitchen, pantry, master, facing NE
(image from 20 Nov report)

pantry facing SE

master facing NE

master walk-in closet facing W

master bath facing NE

master bath facing N
garage window

screened porch facing NE
garage window

family facing NE

half bath facing SE
zero threshold garage entry

main hall facing NW
zero threshold main entry, door

store facing NW

store facing SE

mech facing SW
crawl access door

mech facing NE
crawl access door

walkout door
zero threshold, deck

walkout common area facing SW

walkout common, bed facing NE

walkout bed window facing SE

walkout bath, wic, facing NE

walkout bed, bath, close, facing SSE
(20 Nov report)

walkout stairway, mech, facing SW
(20 Nov report)

walkout nook windows facing SW