210 Eagle View Dr, Build
Detailed progress, discrepancies, changes
24-31 March visit

Updated site plan (click for full size):
see also more detailed plan update

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NE / NW exterior, facing south

6 ft wide concrete, driveway to porch walkway;
generator 18 in from garage;
fence, home to middle of sideline clearing;
garage, laundry windows; outdoor faucet;
1/2 glass inswing entry; retaining wall/planter
NE exterior, facing SW

6 ft concrete path to porch;
generator 18 in from garage;
500 gal UG propane tank,
10 ft to sideline and garage;
UG gas lines to home and generator;
black aluminum porch railings, if needed
SE exterior, facing SW

patio, walkway, pool, gate, fence;
pool pump and circuit box location;
black aluminum railing, SW end of deck
SE exterior, facing NW

  probable pool pump and circuit box location
SE yard, drain field, facing NE

fence to middle of sideline clearing
SE yard, drain field, facing WSW

fence, gate, pool outline
SE/SW exterior, facing NNE

porch concept: black aluminum railings,
gate, stair handrails; bone trim;
black stained doors and facia;
approximate fill line
NW/SW exterior, facing ESE

reference image

NW exterior, facing SE

reference image

garage interior, facing E

3018AWs (stored in bed3 closet, living room)
6068 double steel doors (stored in living room)
generator feed through wall,
then via UG sched 80 to generator
laundry, facing NW

trellis above cabinet; 2446DH (hall closet);
outdoor faucet; dryer vents up, across garage
no longer through porch wall, updated plan
main hall, facing NW

swap this outswing full glass (view)
with northwest veranda inswing 1/2 glass;
swap light switches to opposite wall
guest hall, nursery (bed3) ceilings,
facing NW

two gang box high on guest hall wall?
guest bath, facing NW

Wetwall Torrone marble (W7008)
shower walls with 3 shelves, 30" grab bar;
trellis over linen cabinet;
other views: ceiling, facing SW, facing NE
guest bed, facing NW

reference image
guest closet, facing SW

reference image
northwest veranda door, facing SE (view)

swap this inswing 1/2 glass door with
main entry outswing full glass door
(all three doors to porch will be full glass)
main hall, facing SE

reference image
living, facing SW

reference image;
living room views, SW: door,window
living, facing NW

wall mount TV, 110v, CAT6, HDMI boxes;
floor mount outlet (updated plan)
dining, living, facing NW

reference image;
dining window view, SW
kitchen, nook, facing SW

reference image, nook NW wall,views: SE, SW
see kitchen plan, schematic, xs, trellis
main hall, pantry, facing SE

reference image, pantry window view
master windows, facing SE

dismantle scaffolding
master, master bath, facing NW

widen shower to limit of step in tub;
deadwood for TP holder;
step-in tub drain, inlets, SW, NW;
sinks' drain, inlets;

views from NE windows: bed, bath
master bath, master, facing SE

trellis over linen cabinet;
dismantle scaffolding;
no master wall mount TV
master wic, bath, facing NW

widen shower to limit of step in tub;
Wetwall Torrone marble (W7008)
shower walls with 6 shelves, 2 grab bars;
shower inlets
library, facing NE

reference image
main hall, half bath, garage, facing NE

deadwood behind TP holder,
see also attic-mech conduit run
stairs, master bath, SE

reference image, stairs only, landing ceiling
store/mech room, facing SW

rack for ONT, router, switch; 110v outlet;
fiber from TP; CAT6 to WAPs and TVs;
  mech ceiling, crawl ceiling SE, NW
see also mech to attic conduit run
small (northeast) store, facing SE

reference image, ceiling SE, NE
small (northeast) store ceiling, facing NE

heat pump, water heater plumbing, 110v outlet
walkout common, facing SE, (NW view)

ceiling mount WAP, wall mount TV
CAT6 from mech; HDMI box; 110v outlets;
auto-close/keypad lock door
walkout bed, small store, facing East

reference image

walkout bath, facing NE

ceiling mount WAP, CAT6 run