210 Eagle View Dr, Build
Detailed progress, discrepancies, changes
23-24 February visit

SW and SE exterior, facing NNE

fill, stairs, deleted pillars, walkway, patio
front porch, facing ENE

porch facia/railing concept
front porch and steps,
entry porch, and back porch:
coffee bean stain/siding for base fascia, columns, railing posts, and railing frame;
bone for slats and trim.
NW exterior, facing SE

laundry window, vent, faucet, fill, steps?
 garage, facing ESE

fill/concrete lines,
220v box, windows, doors,
(see also SSE, S, SE, E garage photos)
garage, facing NW

220v box, NE wall (for EV charger)
outdoor faucet, dryer vent
through NW wall of laundry
NE / NW exterior, facing south

(reference image, no markups,
see also NW / SW exterior view)
NE exterior, facing SW

postpone screen, fill, window well, concrete pad for pool/heat pumps, tankless vent,
steps from porch to landscape?
back porch, facing NW

garage window,
fill/concrete line,
postpone screens,
see also SE wall
SE exterior, facing SW

walkway decking, patio, pool location,
SE exterior south, ctr, east
laundry, facing NW

window, outdoor faucet, vent, trellis?
(see also half-bath)
entry door, hall, facing NW

(no markup, ask Charlie about outswing,
see also guest bed3)
guest bath, facing NW

adjust shower for window,
trellis above linen cabinet?
main guest bed, facing WNW

(no markup, reference image,
see also SW view)
front porch, facing SE

deleted pillars, not needed for support
(see also, NW, and view of SW at sunset
dining, living rooms, facing NW

floor outlet, fireplace outline,
wall mount TV boxes,
garage doors and windows
(sunset views: living, door, dining)
kitchen, nook, facing SW

(no markup, reference image,
see also SW, SE views, living, dining)
kitchen, facing NE

move fridge, range/micro/hood hookups
(see drawing, schematic, trellis diagram)
master bed, facing ESE

(no markup, reference image,
see also NE view)
master bath, facing north

(no markup, reference image, NE view)
master bath, facing SSE

trellis above linen cabinet?
(see also master bath north corner)
master bath, facing W

widen shower to limit of tub clearance
family room, facing NE

(no markup, reference image)
stairs, facing SE

(no markup, reference image,
see also side view to NE)
main (NW) store, facing SW

modem, router, switch, rack, 110v outlet;
   SE wing, west window, east window;
smaller (NE) store, facing NW and SE;
crawl, facing NE and NW
walkout bed, facing east

propane tankless water heater, NE wall
(see also bed, facing SW, SE,
WIC and bath, facing SW, WIC facing NW)
walkout hall, facing SW

(no markup, reference image)
walkout common area, facing SE

wireless access point and wall mount TV,
see also common facing SW,
SW window, SE window