210 Eagle View Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725
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210 (and 208) Eagle View Dr (Lots 082I B 037.00 and 038.00), Eagle View Subdivision, Dandridge, TN 37725

Builder's photo taken from planned "front" rooms on Lot 37 southwest across Lot 38, 8am, 21 Feb 2023,
across Douglas Lake (formed by dam on French Broad River, which flows northwest from the town of Rosman, NC, to Knoxville)
toward Bluff Mountain, highest peak of The Three Sisters (Chilhowee Mts)

Views: SW Feb 2023 realtor, Feb 2008 gmap; SSW realtor; S (Smokies) realtor zoom gmap; SE gmap; E gmap; W gmap

Lake lowered during winter to prevent flooding; high water mark (S view from Hwy, Jun 2021) at base of trees along the shore

House in the center of the SW view, below mountain, is 1303 Hwy TN 139 (Douglas Dam Rd), parcel 082 023.03
SW View
21 Feb photo from Lot 37 to southwest

Eagle View subdivision plat (2006)

Developer agreed to combine Lots 37&38 and, after combining, to remove the "setback" (black dashed line) on Lot 37

Combined lot will have the same setbacks and easements defined in the subdivision's restrictions

Restrictions (2006 original, p 389 4.E., amended 2020): 30 feet from street right-of-way; 15 feet easement from side lines.

Neighbors: Eagle View Dr 9&10 (211) Tom&Angie Vermette 36 (212) Jerry&Anna Clayton; 39 (206) Marty&Leanne Feagins;
east and behind Lot 37 (210) is 1260 Hwy 139 Ed&Stacey Guthrie (nee "Dooley")

Eagle View subdivison plat
Eagle View plat, Lots 37&38 at SE corner

21 Mar survey (updated 28 Mar) "37R" (combining Lots 37&38 and removing the Lot 37 "setback" per developer's approvals)

Survey places the corner of L1 (northwest corner of original Lot 38) at these coordinates:
SPC Zone TN-4100, Northing 607670.34', Easting  2711170.38' (US Survey Feet)
Digital degrees 35.9765630373 lat -83.4897298227 lon

Note that offset for Googlemaps coordinates is about 24 feet west (offset should apply throughout 37R):
Digital degrees 35.97656596660709 lat, -83.48981042734879 lon
SPC Zone TN-4100, Northing 607670.79', Easting 2711146.43'

Signatures obtained 29-31 Mar: owner/seller/developer,Jefferson County zoning/planning and environmental health

14 Mar septic permit (sketch south is up, see overlay with house site on satellite map)
21 Mar survey of consolidated Lot 37R
Lot 37R (37&38, 210&208 Eagle View Dr) sight line across Douglas Lake to Three Sisters, topographic (1"=1mi)

Worksheet: 35.9765º lat, -83.4893º lon, Lot 37 (210 Eagle View Dr), 35.8110º lat, -83.6703º lon, peak of Bluff Mt

Sight line from “front” rooms of home site is 15 miles to center of Three Sisters along 221º true (227º magnetic)

Outside walls of SW facing front of home site and NE facing back 58’, oriented from 131º to 311º true (137º to 317º magnetic); outside walls of NW (main entry) and SE (back deck) 64', oriented from 041º to 221º true (047º to 227º magnetic)

Excavator raised structure five feet, providing a bonus view from the nook SSE to Mt Guyot, 2d highest peak in the Smokies.

Worksheet: 35.9765º lat, -83.4893º lon, Lot 37 (210 Eagle View Dr), 35.7051º lat, -83.2575º lon, peak of Mt Guyot

Sight line from nook of of home site is 23 miles to peak of Mt Guyot along 145º true (151º magnetic)
usgs topo 1mi
Topo map with sight line to Three Sisters
(see 1:24K topo and adjacent maps)
Jefferson Co Parcel Viewer

Eagle View subdivision topographic map with 20 foot contour lines

210 Eagle View Dr (original Lot 37) street level is 1075'

Slope of Lot 37R (original 37&38) approximately 25% (15º) from street right of way toward the south

House site (on original Lot 37) slopes from 1070' (N corner) to 1060' (S corner), will need to be raised 5' to 15' to bring house up to the 1075' street level

Possible obstruction to SW sight line is 1303 Hwy 139 (Glenda Holt, daughter Gloria Radisill, son Greg) 1025' elevation

Jeff Co Zoning (p 49) height limit is 35' (3 stories), roofs might be seen just above above 30' poles on Hwy 139 (see builder's photo)
Topographic Map
Topo map with contour line elevations
Tennessee Property Viewer  Lots 37&38 (37R, addresses 210&208) Eagle View satellite (1"=40', 2021 Vexcel)

House site Plan, 29 Apr, based on architect's 28 Apr preliminary plans and including overlay of elevation contour lines (see topographic map, above), our reinterpretation of the fence restrictions (see 2006 original). Earlier site plans "C", "D", and "E", "H", ..., based on builder's 24 Feb verbal description and surveyor's 21 Mar drawing)

House site mostly on the higher elevation (by 15') and more level land of the former Lot 37 (210 Eagle View Dr)

Consolidating Lots 37&38 into 37R eliminated the 2006 plat "setback" on Lot 37 (which was too narrow on the street side to allow for 15' side line easements to neighboring lots 36 and 38)

Sight line (221º true, 227º magnetic) from "front" rooms (guest bed, living room, dining room, dinette) across center of the former Lot 38 and SE corner of Lot 39 toward Three Sisters

Street and woods sides of the house are 64'; 'front' view and 'back' sides are 58'; N-S and W-E diagonals 86'.

USDA soil map and description (check with Jefferson Co environmental health regarding perc test)
Site plan
  House site (Plan "I", 12 May)
30 May final site plan, floor plans, elevations, electrical (similar to 2421 sq foot home at 808 Thaxton Rd, Grovetown, GA, satellite view, rough floorplan)

Traditional ranch, double car garage, walk out basement, 2268 sq ft main floor, 1750 sq ft basement, 688 sq ft finished (see 2006 restrictions, p 390, 4.C.).

Split bedroom design, 3 beds main, 1 bed basement, 2 1/2 baths main, 1 bath basement, 2 car garage, open front veranda, screened back porch, and 'back' NE side patio

42" hallways/doors, 9' ceilings, 8/12 pitch roof (trusses where possible), concrete crawlspace north of basement, R21 (walls) and R38 (roof) spray foam insulation, pex plumbing ...

"Front" rooms (kitchen/dinette/nook, dining, living room, guest bedroom, veranda) facing 221º true (227º magnetic) across Douglas Lake to the Three Sisters

"Back" rooms (family/play room, master bed, screened porch) face NE toward neighboring Lot 36 back yard and woods

Earlier floor plan drafts and edits: buyer 11 Feb, builder 22 Mar, buyer 24 Mar, owner 26 Mar (w/dimensions worksheet), 23 Apr edited floorplan, 7 May, 12 May, 27 May, 2 Jun, 4 Jun, 19 Jun, 12 Nov, 22 Dec
(30 May final, plus 2, 4, 17, and19 Jun edits, and 12 Nov, 22 Dec, 29 Jan edits)
13 Jun, surveyor returned to stake footers:
Foundation staking plan
Foundation stake plan, 11 Jun
Overlayed on foundation, site
15 Jun, builder secured building permit, and unofficially "broke ground"

"ground breaking"
"Groundbreaking ceremony", 15 Jun
26 Jun construction loan closing, 29 Jun first draw, 6 Jul official groundbreaking
Official groundbreaking, 6 Jul
Facing SE from Eagle View Dr
14 Jul excavation complete;
25 Jul footers complete, inspected, rebarred and cemented;
25 Aug blocks complete

25 August, facing south
11 Sep fill mostly complete

11 Sep, facing SE from road
22 Sep french drain, drain plumbing, slab complete and inspected

22 Sep, facing south
5 Oct walkout framing

5 Oct, facing south
10 Oct main flooring

10 Oct,  facing WSW
19 Oct main framing

19 Oct, facing ESE

30 Oct roof

6 Nov, facing south
30 Nov windows

5 Dec, living room, facing SW
15 Feb siding

24 Feb, SW-SE exterior, facing ENE
15 Mar septic, mech, plumbing, electric

27 Mar, ductwork, facing north to crawl
15 Apr garage slab, drywall

15 Apr garage slab, facing south
15 May garage door, trim, paint, deck footer

15 May garage door, facing SSE
210&208 Eagle View Dr, map, Google Maps (1"=20') gmap 20ft map
210&208 Eagle View Dr, satellite, Google Maps (1"=20')
gmap 20ft sat